FAA2.B The Interview Process : 01 Interview Requirements
Interview Requirements
Information on this page refers to the Nutrition Assistance program Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
An interview to determine eligibility is conducted by the Family Assistance Administration (FAA) in a confidential setting.
FAA must interview the participant to determine eligibility after a new or renewal application is submitted. This includes the following Tribal TANF programs:
The Hopi Family Assistance Program (See Hopi Tribal TANF for additional Tribal TANF Program requirements)
The Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF (See PY Tribal TANF for additional Tribal TANF Program requirements)
Who Can be Interviewed
The participant may bring any person they choose to the interview.
For NA, an interview can be conducted with any of the following individuals:
Spouse(g) of the Primary Informant (PI)
For CA, an interview can be conducted with any of the following individuals:
An Authorized Representative (See CA Authorized Representative for additional requirements)
NOTE The PI is required to be present at the interview.
How to Get an Interview
Once an identifiable application is submitted, the participant receives a notice stating all of the following:
The participant must complete an interview
The date by which the interview must be completed
Contact information to conduct the interview
The PI or an authorized representative is responsible to contact FAA to complete an interview for NA or CA by one of the following ways:
Call the HEAplus Interview Line at (855) 777-8590.
The Interview Line hours are weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time) except for state holidays.
In person at any FAA office
To locate the nearest FAA office, click ‘Find a DES Office’ on the DES Office Locator webpage found at https://des.az.gov/find-your-local-office.
FAA office hours are weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time) except for state holidays.
NOTE Some FAA office locations observe Daylight Saving Time(g)
Special Times or Home-Based Interview Requirements
Participants may be unable to call or come into an FAA office during normal business hours. When this occurs, the participant contacts the Customer Support Center at (855) 432-7587 to arrange a home-based interview or to schedule an interview during the following nontraditional hours:
Before 8:00 a.m. (Before 7:00 a.m. for a telephone interview)
After 5:00 p.m. (After 6:00 p.m. for a telephone interview)
During lunch hours
A participant may request a home-based interview or nontraditional interview hours for one of the following hardship reasons:
The Kinship Care, Kinship Foster Care, or Legal Permanent Guardian participant chooses this interview option.
The participant has a disability, is homebound, and is unable to conduct a telephone interview.
There is no possibility of completing an NA Mid Approval Contact (MAC) online or by telephone. (See NA MAC for policies and procedures)
The participant has a valid reason for not being able to conduct a telephone interview or appear for an office interview.
Other rare situations.
When Must an Interview Be Completed
An interview must be completed before determining eligibility. Interview time frames are determined by FAA based on program eligibility determination time frames. When the application includes both NA and CA, FAA conducts an interview for both programs at the same time. The time frame to complete an interview is stated on the appointment notice.
NA applications screened potentially eligible for expedited services must be interviewed no later than the seventh day after the date of application. (See NAX Requirements for expedited services criteria.)
NOTE When an application screened as an expedite is submitted in person or by telephone, FAA attempts to complete the interview and determination on that same day, when possible.
An interview is required within five calendar days from the date of the application for applications meeting any of the following criteria:
CA Kinship Child Only
CA Kinship Foster Care
CA Grant Diversion
Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP)
All other NA and CA applications are required to have an interview completed within ten calendar days from the date of the application.
The first day of an interview time frame begins with the day after the day FAA receives the application. The interview is completed by the workday before the weekend or holiday when the last day of an interview time frame falls on a weekend, holiday, or observed holiday.
When the interview is not completed by the date listed on the appointment notice, see Missed Interviews.
What Happens During a New or Renewal Application Interview?
The PI is required to attend CA interviews. Representatives may complete or assist with the interview.
The PI needs to provide identity verification at the time of the interview. When an authorized representative applies on behalf of the NA participant, identities of the PI and authorized representative are verified.
Eligibility factors or information that affects program eligibility and benefit level are verified or requested at the interview. (See How to Provide Verification for instructions.)
Participants may provide documents to establish their eligibility when submitting the application. This includes, and is not limited to, verification for any of the following:
Arizona residence
Qualified noncitizen status
When additional verification is needed, FAA discusses with the PI what is required and provides a notice which instructs the budgetary unit to provide the verification within ten calendar days.
FAA also discusses eligibility requirements and important information to receiving NA and CA benefits.
The participant has the primary responsibility for providing verification. (See Participant Responsibilities – Providing Verification for additional policy.)
The identity of the participant filing the application must be verified at each interview. For examples of what can be used as verification, see Identity Requirements.
Legal Authorities
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