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This subject is about the requirements of identity for benefits.
The person who applies for benefits needs to provide identification before benefits can be approved.
FAA verifies the identity of the participant applying at each interview for eligibility and security purposes.
The identities of both the authorized representative(g) and the primary informant (PI) are required when an authorized representative completes an interview.
For NA, identity is required when an interview is conducted with any of the following persons:
The Spouse(g) of the PI
Examples of proof of identity include and are not limited to any of the following:
Birth certificate
Citizenship and immigration documents
Driver's license
Family census card
HEAplus state hub match with the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD)
ID card from health benefits or another assistance or social service program
ID proofing in HEAplus that results in a positive match
MVD website photo
School ID
Wage stubs
Work ID
Voter registration card
NOTE For NA, participants can use a consular identification card when it is their only form of identity. Some governments issue consular identification cards to their citizens living in foreign countries.
FAA can complete a collateral contact with an agency, organization, or person qualified to know and verify the participant's or authorized representative's identity for eligibility purposes.
When a participant is in the legal process of changing their identity, one of the following is needed:
Court documents that have been legally processed, verifying the identity change.
A valid form of identification to verify their new identity.
See Social Security number (SSN) for additional requirements.
Legal Authorities
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