Glossary Terms Beginning with A
Definitions for words starting with A are listed on this page. Take the link above or scroll down to the glossary term.
Abandoned Residency Definition
Abandoned residency exists when a person leaves one state or country to establish residency in another state or country. This includes, and is not limited to, the following:
Selling, leasing, or renting their real property in their former state of residency.
Closing or transferring financial accounts from their former state or country.
Moving one's personal possessions to the new state or country.
Obtaining a driver's license or identification in the new state or country.
Registering to vote in the new state.
Applying for USCIS status in the new country.
Adult Definition
An adult is defined as 18 years of age or older.
American Indian Definition
An American Indian is a member of any native tribe of North America or South America.
Appeal Hearing Definition
The process of reviewing a participant's situation to deciding whether an action taken by FAA, or an intended action is correct. The Appeal Hearing is conducted by a third party.
Applicants Definition
A person who has applied for benefits or for whom benefits have been applied, either directly or through a representative.
Approval Period Definition
The period of time for which a budgetary unit is eligible to receive benefits. The period of time is based on a calendar month.
See the following for more information about approval periods:
Authentication Definition
Authentication is the process of verifying whether an individual contacting FAA is authorized to receive information related to a case, program involvement, or a required case action. This process occurs with each customer contact whether it is in person, via phone, or any other method of communication.
Customers contacting FAA must be authenticated. Information needed for authentication includes:
When the customer is unable to provide the needed information, additional case information must be requested. This may include other identifying data verification in the case file(g) that is not commonly known to individuals who are not included in the budgetary unit.
Authorized Representative Definition
A person authorized in writing by the PI to assist and act on behalf of a budgetary unit.