Sanction Notices – FAA Responsibility
(01/01/17 – 12/31/17)
FAA is responsible for sending the NOAA when the reason for a sanction is one of the following:
Send an NOAA for each sanction level. Sanction months do not need to be consecutive.
When FAA receives an ACTS alert to impose a DCSS sanction due to receipt of a Sanctions: Noncompliance/Compliance Request email, complete the following:
Review CAP1, CAP2, and CAP3 AZTECS screens for case status. (See CA Sanctions in Inactive Cases)
Review PRAP and DISA to determine the level of sanction to be imposed.
Consider multiple sanctions that affect the same benefit month as one sanction month. (See CA Cumulative Sanctions)
Determine the correct month to be sanctioned.
Impose the sanction on DISA, allowing for NOAA.
NEXT to NOTI and key the correct sanction level in the NOAA.
AZTECS populates the notice fields except for the noncompliance reason. Complete the following:
Key the noncompliance reason
Key the date the participant failed to comply
FAA is responsible for sending a sanction notice at each sanction level as follows:
A795 notice for 50% DCSS noncompliance
A496 notice for 100% DCSS noncompliance
A721 notice for 50% Immunization noncompliance
A222 notice for 100% Immunization noncompliance
A724 notice for 50% School noncompliance
A225 notice for 100% School noncompliance
A782 notice for 50% Tribal NEW noncompliance
A483 notice for 100% Tribal NEW noncompliance
A730 notice for 50% CA Multiple Sanctions
A432 notice for 100% CA Multiple Sanctions
A798 notice for 50% Drug Conviction noncompliance
A433 notice for 100% Drug Conviction noncompliance
A800 notice for 50% Voluntary Quit noncompliance
A434 notice for 100% Voluntary Quit noncompliance