Failure or Refusal to Cooperate with DCSS
(01/01/24 - 12/31/24)
As a condition of CA eligibility, the parent and caretaker relative of the participants are required to cooperate with DCSS when requesting or receiving benefits for a dependent child:
When the participant who is required to cooperate with DCSS requirements refuses or fails to do so, deny or reduce benefits as a result of graduated sanction for CA.
FAA and DCSS work together in the exchange of information regarding the PI and absent parent.
FAA is responsible for the determination of noncooperation at the initial interview. This is the only time FAA makes the noncooperation determination.
When FAA makes the determination at the initial interview or is notified by DCSS of noncooperation, benefits may be denied, reduced, or stopped.
When a new CA application is turned in, cooperation with DCSS is required before CA approval, unless the parent or specified relative meets one of the following:
Exempt from DCSS cooperation
Claiming good cause
When notification of cooperation with DCSS is not received by the tenth calendar day due date, complete all of the following to deny the CA application:
Key CS in the first available AF ALERT TYPE filed on PRAP.
Send the A207 notice informing the PI of the determination.
For active cases, within three calendar days from the date DCSS notifies FAA of the participant's refusal or failure to comply with DCSS cooperation requirements, follow procedures for imposing a CA sanction. When the participant is on the second sanction, close CA using the ND Denial or Closure Reason Code.
Review the case file and AZTECS before imposing a sanction to ensure the noncompliant participant is not exempt from cooperation.
The budgetary unit is ineligible for CA until the local office receives notification of cooperation from DCSS.
When the budgetary unit fails to report or turn in support payments received from any source after approval, complete the following:
Budget the support for the appropriate benefit month. Allow for NOAA.
Write an overpayment referral for the month in which the participant failed to turn in child support.
The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) is responsible for completing the following:
Determining when an ongoing CA participant is to be sanctioned for refusal or failure to cooperate with DCSS.
Informing FAA staff of a CA participant's noncompliance with DCSS.
NOTE Print a copy of the Sanctions: Noncompliance/Compliance Request email and place the copy in the case file.
Informing FAA of cooperation with DCSS.