CA Cumulative Sanctions
Sanctions are cumulative for the budgetary unit. Include all participants, and past sanctions regardless of sanction type, when determining the sanction level.
Participants with the following Participation Codes on SEPA are not included when determining sanction level:
ST, OU and DI when DI is due to citizenship status (Jobs sanctions)
DP, ST and OU (DCSS sanctions)
When a participant leaves a budgetary unit, that participant's months of noncompliance no longer count in the budgetary unit's total months of noncompliance.
A participant with months of noncompliance may join a new budgetary unit. When this occurs, count the participant's months of noncompliance toward the new budgetary unit's months of noncompliance.
AZTECS automatically accomplishes this, since months of noncompliance are keyed on, and counted from, each participant's DISA screen.
AZTECS reviews the information keyed on the CA DISA screens for each participant in the CA budgetary unit. AZTECS then counts the number of months since August 1, 1997, in which any participant of the budgetary unit was noncompliant.
AZTECS counts a month only once, even when any of the following apply:
More than one participant was sanctioned in that month.
One participant was noncompliant with more than one CA PRA requirement in that month.