Sanction Notice Requirements
(01/01/23 – 12/31/23)
When NOAA has been sent and the participant fails to comply with another CA PRA requirement in the same month, a contact notice is sent by Jobs or FAA. The notice must include the following information:
The noncompliant participant's name and the date of noncompliance.
The CA PRA requirement with which the participant is out of compliance and the due date to comply to end the sanction.
The action the participant must take to comply.
The location where the participant must go to comply.
The consequences of the next level of sanction for continued failure to comply.
The reduced CA benefit amount.
The right to an Appeal.
In all other cases, verify through NOHS that the correct notice was sent at the correct time.
NOTE For notices mailed on or after 11/15/2022, view notice content in OnBase.
FAA sends a notice for each level of noncompliance with School Attendance, Immunization, DCSS, Voluntary Quit, and CA Drug Conviction. (See Sanction Notices-FAA Responsibility)
Jobs sends a notice for each level of noncompliance with Jobs requirements.
NOTE When the ACTS Alert is sent but Jobs Program has not sent the NOAA by the last day to request a NOAA for Jobs noncompliance, FAA staff cannot impose the sanction. (See Sanction Notices-Jobs Noncompliance).