Glossary Terms Beginning with V
Definitions for words starting with V are listed on this page. Take the link above or scroll down to the glossary term.
Verified Upon Receipt Definition
Verified upon receipt means that the information provided is not questionable. Additional verification is not required to effect changes to NA benefits based on information that is considered verified upon receipt.
Information provided through the State Verification Exchange System (SVES) by the primary source of the information is considered verified upon receipt. When received through the SVES, the following information is considered verified upon receipt:
Social Security and SSI benefit information
Unemployment Insurance benefits
TANF(g) benefit information
The following information obtained through the SVES is not considered verified upon receipt:
Unearned income information from IRS
Wage information
Lottery winnings information
Information that is questionable or unclear
Virtual Print Driver (VPD) Definition
The Virtual Print Driver “captures” documents directly into OnBase(g) without the physical process of printing to a piece of paper and then scanning that piece of paper into OnBase.
Vulnerable Persons Definition
In all cases, FAA must act to protect households containing a vulnerable person who may lose EBT cards but are not committing fraud or trafficking.
Vulnerable persons include, and are not limited to, any of the following:
Elderly or Has a Disability (See Budgetary Units with Special Circumstances)
Victim of Violence or a Crime
Victim of Domestic Violence