Glossary Terms Beginning with U
Definitions for words starting with U are listed on this page. Take the link above or scroll down to the glossary term.
Unclear Information Definition
Unclear information is information received by FAA from a third party that meets any of the following
Verified information where the effect on the budgetary unit’s eligibility amount is unknown.
Unclear information must be resolved prior to determining benefits when it affects eligibility or benefit amounts.
For more information on resolving unclear information see the procedures in Providing Verification.
Undocumented Noncitizen Definition
A noncitizen who entered the United States without the permission of the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), or the approval of the Attorney General.
Undue Hardship Definition
A situation that causes an excessive burden to a Budgetary Unit (BU). The situation may include, and is not limited to, referring a participant to an employer for income verification after the participant reported having a disagreement with the employer, or when contacting the employer would result in an extreme financial expense.
Unity Forms Definition
Unity Forms are forms created within the OnBase(g) platform. Only authorized staff within the Division of Benefits and Medical Eligibility (DBME) are given access to OnBase. The Unity Forms are accessed by selecting the Forms icon from the OnBase toolbar.
Upload into Onbase Definition
Uploading is the process of moving a document or image to OnBase(g) so that it can be stored and viewed at a later date. This process can occur in multiple ways, including and not limited to, the following:
Keying a Y in the SEND TO field on selected AZTECS screens
Scanning a document into an OnBase scanner