FAA3.D Nonfinancial Eligibility Factors : 02 Social Security Number (SSN)
Social Security Number (SSN)
Information on this page refers to the Nutrition Assistance program Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
All participants in the NA or CA programs must apply for or provide a Social Security Number (SSN).
When applying for NA or CA, in order to be eligible for benefits, the applicant must provide a Social Security Number (SSN) or proof that an SSN has been applied for. Providing the SSN of each participant is voluntary; however, participants who do not provide an SSN are not eligible for benefits.
The collection of the SSN of each budgetary unit member, is authorized under the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, as amended, 7 U.S.C. 2011-2036. The SSN is used to determine whether the budgetary unit is eligible or continues to be eligible to participate in the NA or CA programs. FAA is authorized to use a participant's SSN in the administration of NA and CA. This information may be verified through interfaces and computer matching programs.
A participant's SSN is a condition of eligibility and is used for all of the following purposes:
Monitoring compliance with program regulations and program management
Accessing records of wages and benefits
Determining the amount of NA and CA benefits participants receive
Establishing and enforcing child support and medical support orders
Pursuing collection of any NA or CA overpayments resulting from receipt of benefits to which the budgetary unit was not entitled
Preventing duplicate participation in a program
NOTE Social Security enumeration is not required when the participant is a nonqualified noncitizen or an undocumented noncitizen.
SSN information may be disclosed to other Federal and State agencies, this includes law enforcement officials for the purpose of apprehending persons fleeing to avoid the law. Any SSN provided is used and disclosed whether the participant is part of the budgetary unit.
SSN Requirements
Participants are required to provide or apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) for each person applying for benefits.
FAA refers the participant to the Social Security Administration (SSA) when any of the following conditions exist for anyone in the budgetary unit:
They do not have an SSN
They do not know whether they have an SSN
They do not know their SSN
They are applying for an original or replacement Social Security card
They are suspected of fraud
They request a second (multiple) SSN
Questionable identity exists
Reports or uses more than one SSN
Needs to change their name on the Social Security card
(For SSA office locations see, Arizona SSA Offices)
SSN requirements are considered met for a newborn when proof is provided from the hospital or SSA that an SSN has been requested. A budgetary unit with a newborn may have up to 12 months following the month the baby was born to supply an SSN or proof of an application for an SSN for the newborn.
NA budgetary units entitled to expedited services must comply with SSN requirements before the second full month of participation. When unable to provide an SSN prior to the second full month of participation, the participant may have good cause for noncompliance. NA participants meeting good cause requirements, may continue to participate.
When the participant fails to or refuses to comply with SSN requirements, the participant is disqualified and not eligible for benefits.
NA Good Cause for SSN Noncompliance
An NA participant may claim good cause for failure to comply timely with SSN requirements. For good cause to exist, the participant must have made every effort to provide the necessary information by the information due date. All of the following apply when good cause is claimed:
Hard copy or collateral contact verification is used to decide when good cause exists.
NOTE Participant statement is not allowable verification.
Good cause does not include delays due to illness, lack of transportation, or temporary absences.
When a participant in the budgetary unit can show good cause, that participant is allowed to participate for one month in addition to the first full month after application. When the budgetary unit member has been unable to obtain the documents required for an SSN, they must continue to show good cause.
Good cause for failure to apply timely must be shown monthly in order for a participant to continue to participate. The participant continues to be eligible as long as good cause exists. Once an application has been filed with the SSA, the participant may continue to participate pending notification of the SSN.
Social Security enumeration requirements are considered met when the participant provides any of the following:
A valid Social Security Card (SSA3000)
A valid Social Security Number
Receipt of Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Receipt for the Application For a Social Security Number (SSA 5028) form
Notice to Third Party of Social Security Number Assignment (SSA 7028) form
The Message From Social Security (SSA 2853) form
The SSA 2853 is provided as proof of participation in the Enumeration at Birth Project, which allows a parent to apply for a baby's SSN while the baby is still in the hospital. The SSA 2853 must be signed and dated by a hospital official or a licensed midwife.
Hospital Record of Birth form and Proof of Birth form
NOTE These forms are acceptable when the birth information is transmitted electronically to Vital Statistics. The forms must be signed and dated by the Birth Registrar. The form must include all of the following information:
The child's name
The child's date of birth
The parent's name
A statement that an application for an SSN has been filed for the child
Refugees who have a Social Security card marked with "Valid For Work Only With INS Authorization."
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