How to Use the CNAP Manual
How to Use the CNAP Manual
Introduction to the CNAP Manual
The Cash and Nutrition Assistance Policy (CNAP) Manual includes policy and procedures for Cash Assistance, Nutrition Assistance, and State Public Assistance benefits. The Family Assistance Administration (FAA) under the Department of Economic Security (DES) determines eligibility for the Cash, Nutrition, and Medical Assistance Programs. (For information about the CNAP Manual, see the CNAP Manual Format and Referencing.)
The layout of the CNAP Manual is as follows:
The Menu displays the following:
Additional information regarding the format of the CNAP Manual is as follows:
Hyperlinks (or links) are used to reference and access information.
Acronyms are often used in Subjects.
When changes are made in the CNAP Manual, the previous information is available in the Archived Policy section.