FAA6.A Changes : 03 Effecting Changes : G Participants Living in the Household - Effecting Changes
Participants Living in the Household - Effecting Changes
Information on this page refers to the Nutrition Assistance programInformation on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
Effecting changes when a budgetary unity member leaves the household or is added to the household.
For NA and CA subject to Standard Reporting, participants must report when any of the following occurs:
The birth of a baby
The death of a participant
When a participant moves into the home
When a participant moves out of the home
Participants subject to Simplified Reporting are not required to report these changes.
For CA, deprivation of a child in the home may change when a parent moves in or out of the home or dies. For additional procedures, see Deprivation of a Dependent Child – Effecting Changes.
Documents that may be used to verify who lives in the home (household composition) include, but are not limited to, the following:
Lease Agreement
Landlord Statement
Statement from a non-relative which includes the address and phone number of the non-relative
Completed Newborn Information for CA/NA (X113) notice
Auto CADO Documentation on Newborn when all of the following are displayed on CADO:
The DNB date of birth (DOB), AHCCCS ID, sex, and name of the newborn
The mother’s AZTECS ID, Social Security Number, and name
Legal Authorities
7 CFR 273.12(a)(1)(ii)
7 CFR 273.12(a)(1)(iii)
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