FAA6.A Changes : 03 Effecting Changes : E Deprivation of a Dependent Child - Effecting Changes
Deprivation of a Dependent Child - Effecting Changes
Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
Effecting changes when a change in deprivation is reported.
Changes in deprivation does not apply to NA or households subject to Simplified Reporting.
For CA, households subject to Standard Reporting are required to report changes in deprivation which include all of the following:
A parent moves in or out of the home
Death of a parent
A parent changes disability status
Paternity is established between a male living in the home and a child in the home which was not previously known
CA may change to a Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) case or a TPEP case may change to a CA case when deprivation changes. (See TPEP Overview for additional information regarding TPEP.)
Legal Authorities
AAC R6-12-310
45 CFR 206.10(a)(1)(vii)
45 CFR 233.10(b)(2)(ii)(a)
last revised 08/30/2021