FAA6.C Revert Program to Open (REPT) : 03 NA Compliance After Closure
NA Compliance After Closure
(01/01/23 - 12/31/23)
When the NA case is closed for failure to provide and the missing verification is provided within 30 days of case closure, only REPT the case when all of the following requirements are met:
The household reported and verified all changes in circumstances that occurred following the effective date of ineligibility.
NOTE When a participant complies with the MAC requirements within 30 days of case closure, verification of the reported changes on the MAC form is not required. (See NA 12-Month or 24-Month Approval Period MAC Requirement and NA 36-Month Approval Period MAC Requirement.
The household provided all outstanding verification that resulted in the most recent closing of the household’s case.
The household fulfilled these requirements within 30 days after the case closed.
The household has at least one full month remaining in the certification period following the date of compliance.
The household is eligible for benefits during the reinstatement month and the remaining months of the certification period.
Do not reopen the case when all of the above are not met. The participant must reapply. (See Reopening Procedures for actions to complete on a case that must be reopened.) For more information see the NA Compliance after Closure/Denial Decision Tree Job Aid. (Internal use only)
NOTE When the case is reopened using the NAWA REPT Reason Code, AZTECS prorates the benefits for the first month benefits are continued.