Reopening Procedures
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
Each program that must be reopened must be keyed with the Program Code separately.
Do not reopen cases to continue benefits for a hearing decision when the budgetary unit's benefits have expired. This occurs when the TPEP eligibility period has expired or an NA approval period has ended.
When a case was closed or denied more than 12 months in the past, the following apply:
The supervisor must document the reason for reverting the case to open.
When necessary, the case is elevated to the Policy Support Team (PST) following the Policy Clarification elevation process. When it is determined that case must be reopened, the PST contacts the FAA Systems Help Desk for further instructions.
When the REPT CODE field on REPT is keyed, AZTECS completes the following:
Reverts the case to the status prior to the time of the denial or closure action.
Sets the renewal date to the case status prior to the effective date of the closure action.
Returns the program to its previous status with eligibility information that existed at the time.
NOTE When the case was reopened using the NAWA code AZTECS prorates the benefits for the first month that the benefits were continued. (See NA Compliance After Closure)
Complete the eligibility determination the same day a case is reopened. This prevents AZTECS from listing the programs on a management report as overdue, depending on the reopened month.
When an application is in received or renewal status and it is determined that the prior denial or closure action was incorrect, discuss with a supervisor to determine whether the existing application should be deleted.
The supervisor must delete the current application on the DECA screen prior to reopening the last application. Document the case file(g) with the actions and reasons for deleting the application.
Complete the following for cases that must be reopened:
Key the corresponding code in the REPT CODE field on REPT (See Reopening Reasons).
Review CAP2 to determine the current system month(g) for each program.
Key the month on APEM that requires a determination.
When benefits were denied, complete the following:
Key any information from the application that was not keyed prior to the denial action. Review the case file to ensure information provided after the denial action is addressed.
Process the eligibility determination through the AZTECS roadmap for applicable months, up to and including the current system month.
Send the appropriate approval notice to the PI indicating the results of the corrected eligibility determination.
When benefits were stopped, complete the following:
Determine eligibility with the information provided including any newly provided verification.
Send one of the following notices:
Reopened Benefits (C501) notice when the case was not closed correctly
Resume Benefits - Information Provided (C502) notice when the participant provided requested verification prior to the effective date of case closure or within 30 days of the case closing for failure to provide. (See NA Compliance After Closure)
Document the case file accordingly.
Determine whether a renewal of eligibility is due or overdue for any programs.
NOTE Ensure a renewal interview is scheduled in accordance with the selected FAA Office Renewal Procedures.