Glossary Terms Beginning with N
Definitions for words starting with N are listed on this page. Take the link above or scroll down to the glossary term.
New Application Definition
An application turned in when the applicant has never received benefits in Arizona. Also, an application turned in when benefits have ended and the budgetary unit wants to begin receiving benefits again.
Nonparent Caretaker Relative (NPCR) Definition
A nonparent may receive CA for a dependent child or for themselves, when related to the dependent child as a nonparent caretaker relative (NPCR). NPCRs include the following:
Relatives related by blood, adoption, or marriage, which include any of the following:
Sibling (sister; brother)
Grandparent (grandmother; grandfather; great, great-great, and great-great-great grandparent)
Cousin (first cousin; first cousin once removed)
Relative (other than grandparent) of prior generation with the prefix grand, great, or great-great
Stepparent (stepmother, stepfather)
NOTE The parent of a stepparent is not considered an NPCR.
Stepsibling (stepsister, stepbrother)
Spouse(g) of an NPCR, even when the marriage has been terminated by death or divorce
An unrelated adult when a child in the legal custody of DCS, Tribal court, or a Tribal welfare agency has been placed in the care of the unrelated adult. These unrelated adults meet the caretaker relative requirement. (See DCS or Tribal Placement Provider.)
For CA only, a nonrelative Legal Permanent Guardian (LPG), when the LPG has been appointed LPG by any court, during one of the following:
A dependency hearing
A dependency proceeding
Non-Traditional Residential Address Definition
Some budgetary units reside in remote areas or live in non-traditional locations. These are locations in which larger populations do not reside. Often, remote and non-traditional locations do not have a valid U.S. Postal Service residential mailing address. FAA requests these participants to provide directions and a description of their location.
See Non-Traditional Residential Addresses Example for examples of directions and descriptions of locations.
Notice of Adverse Action (NOAA) Definition
A participant must receive a Notice of Adverse Action (NOAA) ten days before a decrease or termination of benefits, unless the action is listed as a reason that needs no notice or adequate notice.
See the appropriate monthly calendar in the AZTECS Monthly Production Schedule (AMPS) for the NOAA date.
(For additional notice requirements, see Advance Notice of Adverse Action, Adequate Notice, and No Notice.)
Nutrition Assistance Trafficking
NA trafficking may result from one or more of the following acts, or any attempt to complete one or more of the following acts:
Buying, selling, stealing or trading NA benefits for cash or anything other than eligible food.
Buying, selling, stealing or trading an EBT card and PIN number for cash or anything other than eligible food.
Buying food items with NA benefits with the plan of using, reselling or trading to obtain cash or anything other than eligible food. Then purposely using, reselling or trading the food items to obtain cash or anything other than eligible food.
NOTE This includes selling food or products made with items purchased with NA benefits.
Buying a product with NA benefits that has a container with a return deposit with the plan of discarding the product and returning the container for the deposit amount. Then purposely discarding the product and returning the container for the deposit amount.
Knowingly buying or trading items originally purchased with NA benefits for cash or anything other than eligible food.
NOTE This includes buying, selling or trading NA benefits and/or Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards in public or online through web sites and social media such as Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, etc.
NA trafficking is considered an Intentional Program Violation(g).
Numident Information Definition
Numident information is established by Social Security Administration (SSA) when an individual applies for a Social Security card. Numident information consists of all of the following:
Social Security Number (SSN)
Date of birth
Parent's name
Place of birth
Date the application for an SSN is filed