Match Grant Program Income
Information on this page refers to the Nutrition Assistance program Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
This section includes information about income provided to refugees by the Match Grant Program.
The Match Grant Program is an intensive service and early employment program provided to refugees during their first four months residence in the United States. Match Grant income is countable.
Countable income is used to determine an income budget. (See Income Budgeting to see how FAA determines the income budget.) FAA needs to know about income that is both countable and not countable to determine whether a budgetary unit’s expenses are exceeding their income. (See Income Eligibility for more information about how FAA uses countable and not countable income.)
Match Grant payments are provided by private non-profit volunteer resettlement agencies (VOLAGS). During the Match Grant four-month time limit, Match Grant participants are not eligible to receive CA or RCA benefits.
The Match Grant Program is a temporary alternative to CA and Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA). Match Grant Program financial and employment related services help any of the following newly arrived noncitizens attain immediate self-sufficiency:
Cuban and Haitian entrants
Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Holders
Trafficking Victims
Ukrainian Refugees
The participant has the primary responsibility for providing verification. (See Participant Responsibilities – Providing Verification for additional policy.)
For NA, all of the following income is required to be verified before eligibility is determined:
Reported on a new application, during the interview of a new application, or changes reported before the eligibility determination of a new application.
Changes after an eligibility determination of a new application (e.g., a renewal application, mid approval contact, etc.) and any of the following apply:
The source of the income has changed.
The income is questionable(g) or unclear(g).
The reported income amount has changed by $51 or more.
The previous verification in the case file is more than 59 calendar days old.
For CA, all income is required to be verified before determining eligibility.
Examples of verification that can be used for Match Grant income include, and are not limited to, any of the following:
Benefit award letters from SSA, Statement of Earnings VA, and other agencies
Bank records
Current check reflecting gross income
Federal or state tax forms
Signed statement from the agency or payer providing the income
VOLAG or RA Matching Grant Notification Letter
Volunteer resettlement agency (VOLAG or RA) Assistance payment records
Legal Authorities
AAC R6-12-501-503
A.R.S 46-292-P01
7 CFR 273.9(b)(2)(v)
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last revised 10/02/2023