Income Types
Adoption Subsidy Payments
Alimony Payments
AmeriCorps Network Program
Annuity Payments
Arts and Crafts
Assistance Income Types
Babysitting and Childcare
Begging or Panhandling
Billboard Sales, Swap Meets, and Yard Sales
Blood or Blood Plasma Sales
Bonuses and Cash Incentives
Burial Benefits
Capital Gains
Census Income
Child Care Stabilization Grant
Child or Cash Medical Support Income
Clinical Trial Compensation
Contract Income
Dependent Child Income
Diverted Funds
Dividends and Royalties
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
Educational Income
Farming Income
Federal and State Tax Refunds and Child Tax Credit
Financial Account Deposits and Withdrawals
Flex Credits
Foster Care Payments
Gifts and Contributions
Grants, Loans, Awards and Scholarships
Guardian Subsidy Payments
Individual Development Account (IDA)
In-kind Income
Inheritance Income
Insurance Payments
Interest Payments
Jobs Program Income
Jury Duty Income
Leave and Severance Pay
Legal Settlements
Lottery or Gambling Winnings
Lump Sum Payments
Match Grant Program Income
Mathematica TANF Survey Incentive Payments
Medical Loss Ratio Rebates
Merchandise Sales
Military Income
Native American Income, Claims, or Funds
Newspaper Delivery
Odd Jobs
Parsonage Income
Provider of Services
Public Housing FSS Escrow Account
Railroad Income Benefits
Recycling Income
Rental Property Income
Retirement and Pension Benefits
Sales Contracts
School Clothing Allowance
S Corporation Profits
Seasonal Sales
Senior Community Service Employment Program
Shelter Cost Sharing
Sheltered Workshop Income
Small Business Income
Social Security Benefits
Strike Pay
Summer Component Program
Third Party Beneficiary Payments
Tips and Gratuities
Trade Readjustment Allowance
Trust Fund and Per Capita Distribution
Tuition and School Fees Refunds
Unemployment Insurance (UI)
Vendor Payment Income
Veterans Administration (VA) Benefits
Virtual Currency Mining
Vocational Rehabilitation Income
Volunteer Income
Wages and Salaries
Work Adjustment Program
Workers’ Compensation
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
Work Study
Review the income type for specific information about the type of income.