Americorps Network Program
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
Participants who are active in the AmeriCorps Network Program receive payments for the following:
Living allowances
In-kind aid
The AmeriCorps Network Program includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Arizona Conservation Corps (AAC)
Arizona Council of Centers for Children and Adolescents (ACCCA)
Border Volunteer Corps (BVC)
National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC)
Mesa AmeriCorps Community Services Partnership
Rural Health Office, University of Arizona
Youth in Action, Learn and Serve
AmeriCorps Network Program payments are not countable.
Key the OX Unearned Income Code in the INC TYPE field on UNIC.
For budgeting of Domestic Volunteer Services Act (including Americorps VISTA) income, see Volunteer Income.