FAASTA.E State Assistance Authorization (STAA) : 12 State Assistance Ineligible Dates - Overview
State Assistance Ineligible Dates - Overview
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
Dates of ineligibility may vary due to certain circumstances. Those circumstances are the following:
Death of a participant. The date of ineligibility is the date of the death.
Receipt of SSI. (See Receipt of RSDI/SSI)
Participant is no longer disabled.
The date of ineligibility when other changes occur is the first day of the month following the month that the change occurred that caused ineligibility.
NOTE The date of ineligibility may be earlier than the action taken to close benefits.
When an eligibility determination is needed for a month that has already paid, complete the following before stopping benefits on STAA:
Re-calculate the budget for each month benefits were received, using the State Programs Budget Record - GA/TC (FA‑200) form.
Compare the income calculation to the State Assistance Need Standard limits and payment standard to determine prospective eligibility.
The month following the month the budgetary unit does not meet either of the income limits is the first month the budgetary unit is prospectively INELIGIBLE.
Complete the following to stop benefits:
Key the user PCN in the AUTH PCN field.
Key the appropriate income Denial or Closure Reason Code in the DENIAL/CLOSURE REASON field.
Key the date of the first ineligible month in the INELIG DATE field.
Send the appropriate notice.
Do NOT send a decision notice when all participants in the TC budgetary unit are deceased.
Place the FA‑200 budget calculation in the case file.
Document CADO or the CADO Extension Form (CEF) as applicable.