EBT QUEST Card - Mailed Out Issuance
(01/01/21 –12/31/21)
When the participant has no record of a previous EBT card, inform the participant that their EBT card will be embossed with their name and issued by mail.
The CARD ISSUE field on EBPM defaults to an M and must only be changed to O when an over-the-counter card is issued, and the card number updated on EBCM before benefits pay on the case. See Over the Counter (OTC) Issuance when an OTC EBT card must be issued.
The EBT card is mailed to the PI's mailing address. Inform the participant of the following:
They will receive their mailed EBT card no later than five workdays(g) from the date of interview.
Benefits will not be available on their EBT card until their application has been approved.
An EBT card does not automatically mail when the PI has an active card. Ask the PI if they still have the active card or if they need a replacement. The following apply when a participant needs an EBT card replacement:
Inform the participant of the available PIN selection options. (See EBT PIN Selection)