EBT QUEST Card - Replacement or Returned Card - Returned Card
(01/01/08 – 03/31/08)
Encourage participants to keep their EBT cards when their CA, NA, or ST case is closed. The same card can be used when the participant becomes eligible for benefits at a later date unless the card was reported as lost, stolen, or damaged.
Do not accept EBT cards from participants.
When a participant no longer wants to keep the EBT card, advise them that the participant must destroy the EBT card.
When a card is received by mail or is left in the office for any reason, the designated staff responsible for EBT card maintenance must complete all of the following:
Contact a supervisor.
Destroy the card, witnessed by a supervisor, by cutting the card in half.
Document the case file(g) regarding the return of the card, the EBT card number, the destruction, and the witnessing supervisor’s name.
Change the Status Code in the EBT CARD STATUS field on EBCM to 09 (canceled).
Place the destroyed card in a confidential shred bin or box.
Failure to follow these procedures may lead to disciplinary action.