Pre-hearing Conference Follow-up
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
Never ask the appellant or representative to complete a request to withdraw the hearing when the appellant or representative no longer disputes either of the following:
Benefit levels
The determination
When the appellant or representative wishes to withdraw from the hearing, refer them to the Appellate Services Administration (ASA).
Do not submit a hearing withdrawal to ASA when one of the following occurs:
The case file(g) cannot be located
The overpayment is incorrect
When a review of the circumstances indicates that the case needs correction, complete the following:
A request to vacate and remand, or to re-determine benefits on the Pre-Hearing Summary/Discussion (FAA-1692A) form
Send the form to the ASA, Office of Appeals. Do not correct the case until a response is received from ASA that indicates the matter was vacated and remanded for correction
When a resolution is not reached during the pre-hearing conference, continue processing the hearing request.