FAA6.F Administrative : 03 Appeals - Overview : F Appeals - Appeal Request Withdrawals
Appeals - Appeal Request Withdrawals
(04/01/16 - 05/31/16)
The appellant or representative of the applicant may request to withdraw the hearing request at any time. Document the case file with the action taken and complete any one of the following:
Inform the appellant they may withdraw over the phone directly through the Office of Appeals. Provide the appellant their Appeal number and the phone number to the Office of Appeals
Provide the appellant the Withdrawal or Stop Benefits/Appeal Request (FAA-0574A) form and have them write a brief description as to why they want to withdraw from the appeal.
Forward the following to the Office of Appeals:
Signed hearing request withdrawal
Decision notice related to the hearing request
Hearing request
Envelope when it was filed through the mail
Do not request a hearing withdrawal when one of the following occurs:
The overpayment is incorrect.
NOTE Accept a withdrawal on overpayment issues only when the appellant agrees with the overpayment as indicated on the notice sent by OARC to the budgetary unit. (See Collection Notices-Recoupment)
The case requires correction.
When the review of the circumstances indicates that the case needs correction, complete the following:
The Request to Vacate and Remand (FAA-1389A) form.
Send the form to the Office of Appeals. Do not correct the case until response that indicates the matter to be vacated and remanded is returned from the Office of Appeals.