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Marital Status - Effecting Changes
Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
This section includes information about what happens when there is a change in marital status.
Legally married participants are financially responsible for each other. Their income and resources are used in the eligibility determination.
Marital status is only a change reporting requirement for CA budgetary units assigned Standard Reporting. Marital status is not a change reporting requirement for NA or Simplified Reporting.
The participant has the primary responsibility for providing verification. (See Participant Responsibilities – Providing Verification for additional policy.)
Marital status must be verified when any of the following apply:
When change in marital status is questionable(g)
Married Minor Parents must verify that they are married or have been married.
Any of the following are examples of documents that may be used to verify marital status:
Divorce decree
Insurance record
Legal annulment documents
Marriage license
Navajo Nation Family Court decree validating a Navajo common law marriage
Other records indicating that a participant was or is married
Religious records
Separation papers
Tribal records
Legal Authorities
last revised 08/30/2021