Hearing Documentation and Preparation
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
A pre-hearing conference is optional for the budgetary unit. Allow the appellant or representative to discuss the concern and attempt to resolve the issue prior to them submitting the appeals hearing request.
FAA staff must complete the following on the day the hearing request is received:
Date stamp the hearing request.
Record verbal requests in writing by completing the Hearing Request (FAA‑0098B) form.
Advise the appellant or representative of the right to request a continuation of benefits.
Determine whether an interpreter or alternative form of communication is needed.
Upon request FAA staff is also required to provide the following to the appellant or representative:
The phone number and address of any legal services available.
A copy of materials needed to prepare for the hearing, including copies of pertinent documents in the case file(g).
NOTE Do not copy and provide to the appellant or representative, materials that cannot be introduced in the hearing process. (See Conducting Hearings)
Do not provide any documents or records to which participants are not allowed to have access. (See Confidentiality-Participant Review of Case Information)