Glossary Terms Beginning with G
Definitions for words starting with H are listed on this page. Take the link above or scroll down to the glossary term.
General Assistance Definition
An FAA cash assistance program, financed by the state. General Assistance (GA) benefits are for participants who are disabled to the degree that they are unemployable. It is also available to needy persons required to live in the same home with and provide custodial care to a disabled person.
This program was cancelled effective 05/01/09.
General Complaint Definition
A General Complaint is when a client expresses dissatisfaction with a situation related to the Family Assistance Administration and requests management intervention. The Complaint Tracker is used to track General Complaints.
Gross Income Definition
The total amount of earned income plus countable unearned income before any deductions.
Group Living Arrangement (GLA) Definition
A certified public or private nonprofit residential setting that serves no more than 16 blind persons or persons with a disability. The nonprofit is certified by the appropriate agency or agencies of the State under Section 1616(e) of the Social Security Act.