FAA6.D Participant Maintenance : 02 Adding A Participant - Overview : A Adding a Participant Currently Receiving Benefits
Adding a Participant Currently Receiving Benefits
(01/01/23 - 12/31/23)
A participant cannot be active in two cases. When a participant is currently receiving benefits in another case, add the participant effective the month they are removed from the other case.
To remove the participant from the other case, complete the following actions:
Review the reported change report and verification received.
Document the change in the case file(g) including the date the participant moved out and the cross-reference case number.
Request additional verification, when applicable.
Remove the participant from the other case allowing for NOAA.
When all verification has been received for the participant being added, see AZTECS Procedures for Adding a Participant – Overview for keying procedures.
NOTE When a participant cannot be added for the current system month, roll the benefits to the month following the current system month and add the participant. When determined benefits should be rolled more than one month past the current system month, supervisor approval is required.