FAA6.D Participant Maintenance : 02 Adding A Participant - Overview : G AZTECS Procedures for Adding a Participant - Overview
AZTECS Procedures for Adding a Participant - Overview
(10/01/11 - 12/31/11)
This section outlines the AZTECS procedure for adding a participant.
Correct CA and NA start dates must be established in AZTECS when adding a participant to a case.
To determine the impact of adding an applicant, complete the following steps:
Delete the current system month.
NOTE The DELETE MONTH function removes all information for the current system month(g).
Add the participant to the case for the appropriate add-on month through CLIM. (See Adding a Participant for program specific policy)
Return to APEM and copy details into the current system month.
Change CO to IN on SEPA. Press F1 to process SEPA and return to APEM. Work SEPA back through each month to the appropriate add-on month.
In the appropriate add-on month, complete all screens and authorize benefits.
NOTE Certain information keyed in earlier months does not appear for each month thereafter. Mandatory eligibility screens must be passed through before AZTECS allows authorization.
Work each month forward to the current system month completing all required eligibility screens and updating all participant information.
When the benefit level increases, see Supplements.
When the benefit level is the same, the budgetary unit is not eligible for a supplement.
When the participant was not added timely, it is necessary to work cases in Correction Mode for all months, except for the current month when adding a participant.
In the current system month, key any information that has changed.
When CA or NA benefits increase, authorize and send the A702 notice or F702 notice.
When benefits decrease or the budgetary unit becomes ineligible and there is not enough time for NOAA, complete the following steps to ensure the participant is added properly:
Key OU in the PT field on SEPA for the appropriate add-on month. Press F1 to process SEPA and return to APEM.
Copy details into the next month on APEM.
Key IN in the PT field on SEPA.
Complete all required eligibility screens.
Authorize the decrease or key the appropriate Denial or Closure Reason Code.
Send the appropriate NOAA.