FAA5.J Benefit Replacement and EBT Cards : 01 Supplemental Payments and Restored Benefits
Supplemental Payments and Restored Benefits
Information on this page refers to the Nutrition Assistance program Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
Underpayments occur when it is discovered that a budgetary unit is entitled to supplemental payments or restored benefits.
A budgetary unit may be eligible for underpayments when the budgetary unit's case meets any of the following:
Denied in error
Closed in error
Received less than the correct benefit amount for any of the following:
A prior month
The current month when benefits have already been received
Case corrections, Quality Control (QC) reviews, and other methods may indicate when an active or inactive budgetary unit is entitled to any of the following:
The budgetary unit is issued benefits for the current or future month and is eligible for an additional amount of benefits.
When a budgetary unit is not issued the correct amount of benefits in any past months.
Supplemental Payments
Supplemental payments are issued when it is discovered that a budgetary unit is entitled to an additional amount of benefits, over what was issued, for the current calendar month or any future months.
Supplemental benefits are issued, in addition to the current month's issuance, in all of the following situations:
A reported change
A case read correction
An appeal remand
When more NA or CA benefits are recouped by the Office of Accounts Receivable and Collections (OARC) than was owed in an overpayment.
Restored Benefits
Restored NA benefits are issued when it is discovered that the budgetary unit is entitled to additional benefits for any month before the current calendar month. The budgetary unit is not required to take any action. This includes extreme delays in processing for 12 months or longer.
Benefits are restored for no more than 12 months before any of the following occurs:
The date FAA receives a request for restoration of benefits from a budgetary unit.
The date FAA notifies or discovers that a loss of benefits occurred.
The date a budgetary unit requests an appeal because it disagrees with an adverse action that resulted in a loss of benefits.
The date of notification that an Intentional Program Violation (IPV) disqualification is reversed.
The date the budgetary unit receives a favorable decision through the appeal process, a judicial action, or other court action.
The date FAA discovers an application is processed untimely.
FAA Caused Underpayment
Underpayments are considered to have occurred due to an FAA error in any of the following situations:
FAA failed to allow the budgetary unit the required time to verify an expense and benefits were reduced as a result.
FAA failed to act within the proper time frame on a reported change that would have increased the budgetary unit's benefit amount.
FAA failed to update information during a mass change event that would have increased the budgetary unit’s benefit amount.
FAA incorrectly stopped or denied benefits.
FAA incorrectly calculated the benefits.
A disqualification period for an IPV was reversed by a court of law. (See IPV)
An appeal decision in favor of the participant requires supplemental payments or restored NA benefits.
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