FAA4.E Cash Assistance Resource Determination (AFRD) : 03 Ownership and Availability - Overview : E Qualified Noncitizen Sponsor’s Resources (CA and NA)
Qualified Noncitizen Sponsor’s Resources (CA and NA)
Resources of qualified noncitizen sponsors are keyed on OTAS. (See Sponsor Resources Verification)
A qualified noncitizen sponsor is someone who signed an Affidavit of Support (INS I864 or I864A) accepted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and is in agreement to support the qualified noncitizen.
NOTE Do not count any funds of the sponsor as both a resource and income to the budgetary unit in the same month.
When the sponsor is an agency or organization, the qualified noncitizen is ineligible for CA. (See Agency Sponsor Resources for EXCEPTION)
Policy and procedures regarding resources of qualified noncitizen sponsors for CA and NA are outlined in the AFRD chapter as follows: