Sponsor Resources Verification
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
When the sponsor’s resources must be deemed, the sponsored noncitizens are responsible for providing any information or documentation necessary to determine the resources of the noncitizen's sponsor and the sponsor's spouse(g).
The noncitizen is required to cooperate in the following:
Identifying and locating the sponsor including the name, address and phone number
Providing the names or other identifying factors of other noncitizens for whom the sponsor has signed an affidavit of support or similar agreement.
Securing the cooperation of the sponsor Obtaining information and verification of the sponsor' resources.
Fulfilling all other CA verification requirements
When the noncitizen or sponsor fails to cooperate in providing information or verification necessary for the determination of eligibility or benefits amount, the following applies:
For CA, all sponsored noncitizens in the budgetary unit are ineligible for assistance.
For NA, the sponsored noncitizen is ineligible for benefits.
NOTE When the sponsor’s resources are not required to be deemed, the noncitizen or sponsor is not required to cooperate in providing information or verification regarding the sponsor.
When it is determined that the sponsored noncitizen is ineligible, complete the following:
Approve other participants in the case, when eligible Key DI in the PT field on SEPA for NA next to the ineligible noncitizen.
When the verification is received later, treat the information as a change. (See Changes in Resources)