NA Resources of Qualified Noncitizen Sponsors
The following special considerations apply:
Count resources of the sponsor and the sponsor's spouse(g) in full even when they were not married at the time the affidavit was signed.
NOTE When the sponsored qualified noncitizen is coded IN in the PT field on SEPA for NA, key the following next to the sponsored qualified noncitizen on OTAS:
The Other Asset Type Code AS in the TY field
The current market value in the MARKET VALUE field (See Property CMV and Vehicle CMV)
The equity value(g) in the EQUITY field
When the sponsored qualified noncitizen is not coded IN on SEPA, key AS and the amounts next to the PI or another NA participant coded IN on SEPA.
When the sponsor also sponsors other qualified noncitizens, divide the sponsor's resources by the number of such qualified noncitizens that apply for or are participating in the NA benefit.
When the qualified noncitizen changes sponsors while approved for NA, calculate the resources based on the required information about the new sponsor. Complete this as soon as possible, after the information is provided by the participant and verified.
When the sponsor's resources cause the budgetary unit to be over the NA resource limit, close or deny the NA case. Key the Closure or Denial Reason Code RE in the DENIAL CLOSURE REASON field on FSED.