Electronic Pay Cards
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
An Electronic Pay Card (EPC) is a reloadable card that allows businesses to electronically load employee wages or participant benefits through direct deposits. A participant uses the EPC in the same manner as a debit card. A participant may add money to their EPC by depositing checks or cash at an ATM, online transfers, or mobile check deposits.
When an EPC draws money from a bank checking account or a credit union share draft account, see Financial Accounts-Overview.
When an EPC does not draw money from a bank checking account or credit union share draft account, determine the source of monies loaded to the EPC.
A participant may verify EPC activity and balances, using one of following sources:
Automated Customer Service
Live Customer Service
Online/Mobile App
Business where the EPC account was established
NOTE An EPC that does not draw money from a bank or credit union account does not earn interest or dividends.
When money is deposited into a participant's EPC, determine whether any portion of the deposited money should be counted to the participant as one of the following:
Do not count any portion received in a budget month as a resource when countable as income. Any remaining balance carried over to the following month is countable as a cash resource.