Continued Absence - Requirement
The absent parent must be out of or expected to be out of the home for 30 days or more as declared by the caretaker parent or nonparent caretaker relative(g), for continued absence to exist.
NOTE Even when the absent parent visits with the children, continued absence may continue to exist.
Divorce or separation proceedings are not required for continued absence to exist.
Complete absent parent screens on legal parents and natural (biological) parents when they are absent.
Deprivation due to continued absence is met when one or both parents are out of the home, including parents of adopted children. The absence can be due to, but not limited to, one of the following:
The parent has never lived with the children.
The parent has left the home and is not expected to return.
The parent is hospitalized.
The parent is in jail or prison.
The parent is deported.
The parent is unknown due to single parent adoption or artificial insemination. (See Single Parent)
A parent who is a convicted offender may be permitted to live at home. The parent must serve a court imposed sentence by performing unpaid public work or community service during the workday(g). The parent-prisoner is then considered absent from the home. When this is the reason for the absence, complete the following:
Ensure the dependents meet all other eligibility requirements.
Place a copy of the court order in the case file(g).
Key OU in the PT field on SEPA for the parent-prisoner, as they are not eligible.
The parent prisoner or their spouse can be the payee.
Key CA in the DEPRIVE CAUSE field on SPRD. For DCSS purposes, the family is considered intact.