Nonparent Caretaker Relative (NPCR) Definition
A nonparent may receive CA for a dependent child or for themselves, when related to the dependent child as a nonparent caretaker relative (NPCR). NPCRs include the following:
Relatives related by blood, adoption, or marriage, which include the following:
Sibling (sister; brother)
Grandparent (grandmother; grandfather; great, great-great, and great-great-great grandparent)
Cousin (first cousin; first cousin once removed)
Relative (other than grandparent) of prior generation with the prefix grand, great, or great-great
Stepparent (stepmother, stepfather)
NOTE The parent of a stepparent cannot be an NPCR. (See Example Parent of Stepparent)
Stepsibling (stepsister, stepbrother)
Spouse(g) of an NPCR, even when the marriage has been terminated by death or divorce
An unrelated adult when a child in the legal custody of DCS, Tribal court, or a Tribal welfare agency has been placed in the care of the unrelated adult. These unrelated adults meet the caretaker relative requirement. (See DCS or Tribal Placement Provider.)
For CA only, a nonrelative Legal Permanent Guardian (LPG), when the LPG has been appointed LPG by any court, during one of the following:
A dependency hearing
A dependency proceeding