CA PRA Immunization Good Cause for Noncompliance
(10/01/14 –11/30/14)
Participants are exempt from cooperation with PRA Immunization policy when good cause is established for noncompliance.
Good cause allows the participant to request an exemption from cooperating with PRA Immunization requirements.
This requirement may be waived. The parent or specified relative, must either meet the immunization good cause requirements or sign a statement including both of the following:
They do not consent to immunization of the child, based on personal beliefs
They understand the risks and benefits of immunization
NOTE When further information is requested, the participant may be referred to the Arizona Immunization Program website at
The FAA office makes the decision of good cause based on a review of the circumstances and information provided by the participant.
During the interview, inform the participant of the following:
The participant has the right to claim good cause.
Good cause exempts them from the PRA requirements for Immunization.
Determine whether good cause for noncompliance can be established when either of the following occurs:
The participant is unable or fails to comply and claims good cause.
The participant is unable or fails to comply and FAA determines good cause may exist.
Complete the following to establish good cause:
Review the good cause claim to determine whether the participant meets any of the noncompliance good cause reasons.
When the reason for the good cause claim is not included in the policy request the participant provide verification of the claim for good cause.
When the participant fails or is unable to respond to the request for good cause, treat any reason for claiming good cause as a valid claim allowing a participant statement as verification. (See Immunization Good Cause Reasons).
NOTE When the participant refuses to comply, take action to sanction or deny the case as appropriate.
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