CA PRA Immunization Good Cause Verification
(10/01/14 –11/30/14)
When the applicant or participant wishes to claim good cause for noncompliance, assist the participant in obtaining necessary documents to establish the claim. These documents include, but are not limited to:
Doctor's statement
Immunization Records
Participant's written statement
Laboratory evidence of immunity
The participant can claim good cause at any time. When a request for good cause is received, allow the participant ten days from the date of the request to provide verification.
When the participant does not comply with PRA Immunization requirements, send the A734 notice. Allow the participant ten days to respond.
When good cause is verified, the participant is exempt from the PRA Immunization requirements.
When the participant does not respond or does not verify good cause, treat any reason for claiming good cause as a valid claim allowing a participant statement as verification. (See Immunization Good Cause Reasons).