FAA2.E Program and Person Alerts (PRAP/DISA) : 06 CA Sanctions : H Verification to End CA Sanctions
Verification to End CA Sanctions
(01/01/23 – 12/31/23)
The verification required to end sanctions of different types is as follows:
DCSS: A Sanctions Noncompliance/Compliance DCSS email is received from DCSS. Print the notification of compliance email and place it in the case file(g).
Immunization: Accept the PI’s written statement of compliance with immunization requirements. Place it in the case file.
Jobs: Notice through the DES interface via an ACTS alert ends a Jobs Program sanction. Place a screen print of the ACTS alert in the case file.
There may be situations when FAA ends a 50% or 100% Jobs sanction including, but not limited to, the following:
A 100% sanction has been imposed stopping the CA benefits and a new application is received. (See Reapplication After Sanctions)
The CA case closed for other reasons and a 50% sanction was imposed. (See Reapplication After Sanctions)
Jobs Program staff have not sent an NOAA. Document the reason that the sanction was ended on DISA.
NOTE When the ACTS Alert is sent but Jobs Program staff have not sent the NOAA by the last day to request a NOAA for Jobs noncompliance, FAA staff cannot impose the sanction. (See Sanction Notices – Jobs Program Noncompliance)
School Attendance: Verification required to end a School Attendance sanction can be any of the following:
Written verification from the school administration (or from the county Department of Education for home schooling).
Evidence of good cause for exemption from School Attendance policy.
Place written verification in the case file. Document the DOC field on DISA with the documentation obtained, and the case file with the action that ends the sanction.
NOTE Verification may be obtained using the Verification of School Attendance (FAA-0075A) form.
Voluntary Quit: When staff have verified that the minimum one-month sanction has been served, restore the benefits to the 100% level.
Drug Conviction: Documentation received that verifies the noncompliant participant has completed the requirement to end the CA Drug Conviction Sanction. Place the verification in the case file.