FAA2.E Program and Person Alerts (PRAP/DISA) : 06 CA Sanctions : I Reapplication After CA Sanction
Reapplication After CA Sanction
The budgetary unit must turn in a new application to receive CA benefits when either of the following apply:
A 100% sanction has been imposed.
A sanction has been imposed in an inactive case. (See CA Sanctions in Inactive Cases)
At the interview, inform the PI that the case cannot be approved until one of the following occurs:
For new CA applications, DCSS notifies FAA that the noncompliant participant has complied. (See New CA Participant-DCSS Responsibilities)
For new CA applications, FAA documents that the participants have complied with the CA Jobs Program Preliminary Orientation (JPPO) process.
The budgetary unit reports and verifies that the noncompliant participant is no longer part of the budgetary unit. (See DCSS Recompliance)
For Drug Conviction and Voluntary Quit 100% sanctions, register the new application. When the participant reapplies in the sanction month, prorate the application to the first day of the month following the sanction period.
The process to correct or end a sanction for noncompliance varies depending on the following program requirements: