Parent's 60 Month Family Benefit Cap Period
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
A natural or adoptive parent, (including minor parents), or a caretaker relative is assigned a Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP) of 60 months. The FBCP starts with the first month on or after November 01, 1995 in which the parent or caretaker relative meets any of the following:
Included in CA, TPEP, or Tribal CA-PG benefits
A mandatory participant in the CA budgetary unit who is coded DI or DF on SEPA
A mandatory participant in the CA budgetary unit who is coded OU on SEPA due to the receipt of SSI
A minor parent who is included in the CA budgetary unit of a caretaker relative, and has a child who is also included
FBCP policy does not apply to the following participants:
NOTE When a CA budgetary unit moves from an area that is exempt from FBCP to an area that is not exempt, the parents may receive an FBCP.
When the FBCP is assigned, the start and end dates do not change, and continue for 60 consecutive months. The next FBCP begins with the first CA eligible month following the end of the 60th month.
Children are not assigned an FBCP unless the child becomes a minor parent and receives CA. (See First Child Exemption)
Unwed minor parents (UMP) who are only eligible for CA Supportive Services are not assigned an FBCP.