FAA2.M Welfare Reform (WERE/CODC/CODF) : 06 CA Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP) - Overview
CA Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP) - Overview
(01/01/24 - 12/31/24)
A CA Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP) is a period of 60 consecutive months assigned to parents or nonparent caretaker relative(g) who apply and receive CA for a dependent child. See, CA Caretaker Relative for policies and procedures.
NOTE A CA FBCP is assigned to a caretaker relative who is included in the CA benefits. When a caretaker relative is not included in the CA benefits, no FBCP is assigned.
For FBCP children policies and procedures, see Benefit Capped Children.
The FBCP applied to a participant in another state is not applied to that participant in Arizona.
FBCP policy does not apply to the following participants:
Hopi Tribal TANF
Salt River Tribal Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRP-MIC) TANF
Grant Diversion
The following determines whether a child is subject to the FBCP:
AZTECS calculates and displays the FBCP on WERE and CLPR.
WERE and CLPR display the start and end dates of the FBCP for the parent or specified relative.