FAA2.C Address (ADDR ADFF) : 07 Keying ADDR : B Keying Addresses on ADDR
Keying Addresses on ADDR
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
When entering residential and mailing address information on ADDR, complete the following to ensure the participant receives notices and EBT cards:
When the residential and mailing addresses are the same: Only key the RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS fields.
The MAILING ADDRESS fields must be left blank.
AZTECS sends mail to the participant’s residential address.
When the residential and mailing addresses are different:
Key the MAILING ADDRESS fields.
AZTECS sends mail to the participant’s mailing address.
Document the case file with the reasons for using a mailing address.
When a participant’s physical residence does not have a valid mailing address, complete the following:
In the case file, describe how to locate the residence.
Key the MAILING ADDRESS field.
NOTE Use a mailing address provided by the participant. When a participant does not have a mailing address see General Delivery Service for additional instructions
AZTECS sends mail to the participant’s mailing address.
When the participant is homeless, see General Delivery Service for additional instructions.
Consider the following when keying the residential and mailing address fields:
Key the RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS field with the physical address where the budgetary unit (BU) resides.
Key the MAILING ADDRESS field when a PO Box, General Delivery, or another mailing address that is different from the BU’s residential address.
NOTE A General Delivery or a PO Box address must only be keyed in the MAILING ADDRESS field on ADDR.
Do not key the physical address of a domestic violence shelter in AZTECS. Complete the following:
Key the PO Box number of the shelter or the address of the FAA Office in the MAILING ADDRESS fields.
Do not split the address between more than one field. When the complete address does not fit in one field, key as much of the address as possible. When Finalist displays a match, all the characters may not fit in the fields. In this situation, notices are printed with as much information as displays.
Key only one place identifier (apartment, unit, or lot number, etc.) in the APT-UNIT-ETC field.
Key all abbreviations using the USPS recognized address abbreviations.
Do not use punctuation in any part of the address.
Do not use double spacing.
Do not use the backward slash (\).
Do not use the letter O in place of a zero.
Do not key the additional Plus Four digits of the ZIP Code anywhere on ADDR. Only key the first five digits of the ZIP Code.
Do not include the names of building complexes, trailer parks, reservations, etc. Review a utility bill, rental receipt, or mortgage statement to assist in identifying the correct address. Validation can also be completed through the USPS Web Site.
The AZTECS ZIP CODE/CITIES tables in LISTCODES allow for only fifteen characters in a city name. As a result, the CITY field on ADDR allows for only 15 characters. When the length of a city name exceeds 15 characters, Finalist compares the 15 characters against the complete city name and determines the address invalid. Finalist displays the same address keyed on ADFF as the closest match and requires the worker to select a function and process through to ADDR.
To prevent Finalist from unnecessarily creating a new address record, the following city names must be keyed on ADDR as indicated:
Key Chandler Heights (85227) as CHANDLER HTS
Key Kykotsmovi Village (86039) as KYKOTSMOVI or KYKOTSMOVI VILL
Key Lake Havasu City (86403-86406) as LAKE HAVASU CIT
Key Oak Creek Villa (86341) as SEDONA
Key Petrified Forest National Park (86028) as PETRIFIED FORES
Key White Mountain Lake (85912) as WHITE MTN LK