FAA2.C Address (ADDR ADFF) : 03 Address Finalist Format - Overview
Address Finalist Format - Overview
Finalist is a software program in AZTECS designed to assist in ensuring addresses are valid, and keyed in the format approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS). (See the USPS Web Site for on-line address validation)
Keying residential or mailing addresses in a consistent and standard format recognized by USPS may help to prevent the following:
Delayed receipt of notices and correspondence by participants
Fraud caused by failure and inability to match multiple cases to the same address
Finalist validates street and city names, PO Boxes, ZIP Codes, and is able to indicate when a place identifier (apartment, trailer space, building unit, etc.) keyed in the APT-UNIT-ETC field is incorrect. Finalist also provides reports to monitor addresses and ensure the correct FAA office is keyed on the CARC screen.
When an address is keyed or changed on ADDR, and ENTER is pressed, Finalist completes the following functions:
Determines whether the address is valid, and keyed in the proper format.
When the address is valid, AZTECS processes ADDR.
When the address is not valid, AZTECS displays the ADFF (ADDRESS FINALIST FORMAT) work screen.
Displays on ADFF the closest match possible to the invalid residential or mailing address.
When both the residential and mailing addresses are keyed or changed, and are invalid, the following occur:
ADFF displays the closest residential address match first.
After ENTER is pressed, ADFF displays the closest mailing address match next.
When no match is found, ADFF displays the following edit message:
Displays edit messages on ADFF describing the changes made in formatting between the address keyed on ADDR and the Finalist match. Any of the following edit messages may display:
Displays function options to update or modify ADDR.
Policy and procedures regarding ADFF are outlined as follows: