FAA6.N Examples : 04 Address (ADDR) Examples : A Non-Traditional Residential Addresses Example
Non-Traditional Residential Addresses Example
Some budgetary units live in remote areas or non-traditional locations without a valid U.S. Postal Service mailing address. The participant can describe the place as much as possible by using any of the following methods:
A detailed description of the location like the following:
The second house west of the Smith Chicken farm with a tall pine tree in the front yard.
Going west on HWY 89, heading out of town on Skunk Creek road east of the tractor dealership, the Fourth house north on the right.
In the southeast corner of the public park by the picnic table at 5th street and 38th street.
A map may be drawn with north, south, east, and west directions with the names of highways, roads, streets, and distinguishing landmarks.
The participant may only provide longitude and latitude coordinates in the decimal format when readily available. For example, near Knoll Lake, at 34.42921,-111.101974, the black and white WildWood travel trailer.