FAA2.C Address (ADDR ADFF) : 05 Change of Address - Overview : B Change of Address – Moved Out of State
Change of Address – Moved Out of State
(01/01/23 - 12/31/23)
Consider participants to have left the state when the participant or budgetary unit reports that they have moved out of Arizona.
Complete the following when FAA is notified that all the participants in the budgetary unit have moved out of state:
Key the out of state address on ADDR. When no forwarding address is provided, see Returned Mail Procedures for NA and CA.
Stop all benefits the first month after the month of the reported move.
Key the actual date the participants moved out of Arizona on the eligibility determination screen for each active program.
Key the RS Denial Closure Reason Code.
When the actual date of the move is not known, key the date the change is reported, and document the case file(g).
NOTE For NA, key the first day of the month and year that the participant became prospectively ineligible.
Deny pending applications.
Send adequate notice when adequate notice requirements are met. Otherwise, NOAA must be allowed.
No notice is required when all budgetary unit participants move out of state. Stop NA benefits the first month possible after the reported move. NOAA is not required.
Use the signed or documented Change Report (FAA‑0412A) as verification of the move out of state. (See Providing Verification)