Determining Whose FBCP to Use
(04/01/08 – 06/30/08)
Determine whether a Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP) exists for every child born or adopted on or after November 01, 1995. Complete the following for each parent:
On INME, key 1 in the ENTER FUNCTION (BY NUMBER) field. Press ENTER. CLIN displays.
Key the parent's first name, last name, date of birth, and sex. Press ENTER. CLIS displays.
Key the position number next to the appropriate participant. Press ENTER. CLPR displays the current and previous FBCP.
When the mother was subject to an FBCP during the month of the child's birth or adoption, use the FBCP assigned to the mother to determine the child's eligibility in the following circumstances:
The mother applies for the child and the father is absent.
The father applies for the child and the mother is absent.
The mother or father applies for the child based on TPEP criteria or deprivation based on a parent's disability, and both parents are in the home.
Use the FBCP assigned to the father to determine whether the child should be Benefit Capped only when the mother was not assigned an FBCP. (See Example Determining FBCP 1)
When both the mother and father have been assigned an FBCP, always use the mother's FBCP. (See Example Determining FBCP 2)
When neither parent has an FBCP, the child is potentially eligible for benefits. Complete the following when this occurs:
Key IN in the CA PT field on SEPA for the child
Complete the Benefit Cap Grid: Determining the BC Child (FAA‑1302A) form
Document CADO to support the decision
A non-parent caretaker relative may apply for a child who has never been identified as a BC child. When this occurs, determine whether the child is subject to an FBCP based on the following:
When both parents are absent, only use the mother's FBCP. Do not use the father's FBCP. When there is not enough information to locate the mother, or the mother does not have an FBCP, code the child IN on SEPA. Document the case file(g) to support the determination.
When one or both minor parents are in the home, see the budgetary unit scenarios previously presented in this section to determine whose FBCP to use to determine the child's eligibility.