Born To or Adopted By Tribal TANF Participant
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
Effective with the benefit months beginning October 01, 2000, a child born to or adopted by participants of the following Tribal TANF programs are not subject to the Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP):
NOTE When a CA budgetary unit moves from an area that is exempt from FBCP to an area that is not exempt, the parents may receive a FBCP.
When the child is determined eligible for CA, complete the following:
Key M in the WERE EXPT RSN AF field.
Key IN in the PT field on SEPA for CA.
Document CADO with the following:
The months the parent received Tribal CA
The name and date of birth or adoption of the child
The M WERE Exempt Reason Code was used
Place the Benefit Cap Grid: Determining the BC Child (FAA‑1302A) form or FAA1583A Electronic benefit Cap Determination unity form in the case file(g).