The Cash Assistance (CA) Program
Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
Introductory program information about the Cash Assistance (CA) program.
Deprivation for the dependent child is the primary eligibility factor for CA. When the dependent child is deprived of parental care or support, the mandatory CA participants with whom the child resides, may be eligible to receive CA.
The purpose of the CA program is to provide temporary cash assistance and supportive services to eligible participants included in any of the following groups:
Single parents or caretaker relatives with dependent children under age 19 who are in their care
Two parent budgetary units (See Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP))
Parents of a child who receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI) (See Adult Only CA)
Nonparent caretaker relatives when a dependent child is placed in their custody (See CA Foster Care (FC))
FAA is responsible for determining state CA eligibility and eligibility for some Tribal CA Programs. (For more information, see Tribal TANF Programs.)
The rules and regulations for the CA program are located throughout the CNAP Manual.
For information on a Grant Diversion (GD), which is one nonrecurring payment of three months of CA, see Grant Diversion.
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last revised 03/27/2023