Adult Only CA Cases
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
In some CA cases, the only participant who needs benefits is the caretaker relative. An adult only case may exist when one of the following applies to the dependent child:
Receives Supplemental Security Income
Receives Foster Care benefits and the specified relative is an unlicensed foster care provider
Received CA in another case in the month the parent requests benefits
Is not eligible for CA due to the Family Benefit Cap
In such cases, the benefit is for the caretaker relative only.
A budgetary unit's eligibility is based on the needs of all of the eligible participants in the budgetary unit. AZTECS counts the income and resources of the potentially eligible participants.
The application must list everyone living in the home. This includes recipients of the following types of payments:
Foster Care
The following apply to participants in an adult only case:
Spousal maintenance or alimony may have been court ordered. When this occurs, the participant must cooperate in completing all AZTECS Absent Parent Screens and applicable Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) documents.
NOTE By signing the Assignment of Rights section on the official FAA application, the participant legally assigns their support rights to the State of Arizona.
Completion of the AZTECS Absent Parent Screens and cooperation with DCSS is not required when exempt from DCSS Cooperation.
NOTE Advise the caretaker relative of the non-public assistance DCSS locator services(g).
Count the income and resources of the parent or nonparent caretaker relative (NPCR).
Do not budget a dependent care deduction against the caretaker relative's earned income when the dependent child receives SSI or Foster Care benefits.
Do not count the sole income and resources of any of the following:
SSI child
Foster care child
Benefit Capped Children